27 and studying for my LSAT

How do you even start blogging…. well it took me a night where I couldn’t fall asleep to basically recite in my mind how I am here today. Allow me to introduce myself:

Big City, Small World
Another day in Miami . . .

I am 27 years old and studying for my LSAT. How did I get here? Well, let’s start with a little background. (Insert Old Lady Voice): A LONG LONG TIME AGO…. JK! but seriously let’s start.

I went to Culinary Arts school after High School and was ready to become a Pastry Chef (yeah right). I watched too much Food Network is what happened. I finally graduated with my AA and had an internship as an Assistant Pastry Chef in South Florida. At 19 years old, I got my very first apartment and a full time job. I was set! WHOOOOHHOOO, SIKE! WELCOME TO SOUTH FLORIDA. I need another job to make ends meet, so working in retail we go. Eventually I burned myself out; dropping off my girlfriends at the club and then heading to work around 3am then my second job at 6pm. Not ideal! After working retail a while, I got promoted and I thought I REALLY like this! I can do this, so I up and quit my pastry chef job and stayed full time at my retail store.

WELLL NO SURPRISE, I need another job again to make ends meet (UGH). Well, food and beverage is my background, so off to serving part time. Two jobs and living the life, so what’s next! BOOM, Back to school for Fashion Merchandising (retail job was going extremely well). So, let’s switch it up! After a wonderful year meeting new people and my life long friend (not mentioning names, but she knows who she is). So I thought, I was on top of my game. SIKEEE AGAIN, horrible car accident the day before my finals in December (wasn’t my fault btw). My car was totaled, physical therapy for an entire year (sh*t happens). Back to square one basically, left school and stayed focus on work to catch up on weeks I missed. After a few promotions and changing jobs, I finally settled for a job that I could make ends meet. So after these two paragraphs, I still haven’t exactly explained how I’m 27 and studying for my LSAT.

Let’s continue shall we, I was working a few months in a serving job, I meet a few customers (mostly my regulars) who would always ask me, “Why aren’t you in school? You are a bright young lady with an entire future ahead of you.” I was 23 at the time, still young- but not that young, most of these comments never bothered me, because what do you do in big party cities. Yup, you just said it PARTAYYYYY, so that’s what I did in my free time. Well, I eventually met a customer, young Hispanic man (that detail will have a meaning soon) who just got into University of Miami, bright future ahead. Who came in with his friend, after short conversation he was Cuban American (like myself) and didn’t believe that I was Cuban (because I’m a fake blonde). In the midst of showing him my natural brunette hair in a photo from my phone, I was called by my manager and had to leave my phone at the table (Yes, clearly I’m crazy, but can’t have phones out during work). Long story short, he called himself from my phone that day and he became my future ex-boyfriend. No, seriously he did. On a date of ours he drove me to school to enroll and that’s how 23 year old me got back into school.

Fast Forward 3 years- two close relatives died, parents divorced in a horrible manner, got my BS in Hospitality Management and was recruited for a 6 month-MIT program in Central Florida. (YEAH WOW, def not going into detail about that). Well, OFFFFF I go, yet again, another moment where I thought I was set! SIKEEEE!! 6-month program ended, they wanted to pay cut me and my boss was a major douche (not even a joke, he straight up belittled me behind closed doors and had issues with a lot of employees). I left. Unemployed, how exciting. It was just my 27 year old self in a bad-ass two story apartment with my cat and new boyfriend, but no income. (Yeah, you read that right) Time to start from square one, AGAIN!! I eventually found a Hospitality Management job in timeshares (If you have never worked timeshares before, it is not a drill) it was all about sales and making quota.

Sadly, my great aunt died in a tragic pool accident and back to Miami I go. My lease was ending in May and my entire family cried wolf for me to go back home. So I thought, mmm sure why not go move into my dad’s new 5-bedroom, 2-story house with a pool, that sounds like fun. HAHAHA, still no income. South Florida is not fun with no income, long distance is also not fun. After a few months this horrendous feeling of unaccomplished and having no interest in my field anymore (thank you douche bag boss and dreadful timeshares).

What to do, what to do. I could go back for my MBA; maybe look into marketing or real estate. YEAH MAYBE. So after multiple opinions of people who like to have opinions (family, friends, etc.) Also, not bashing those opinions, but then my parents both told me (who are not on talking terms btw) “Why don’t you become a lawyer, you have always said you wanted to be a divorce lawyer.” No really, that’s true, you need to watch Laws of Attraction and Intolerable Cruelty- that’s what did it for me. So whats the first step to becoming a lawyer. PASSING YOUR MOTHERF***ING LSAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ladies and gentlemen that’s how I became 27 and studying for my LSAT.

Continuing to how I started accomplishing that. My boyfriend surprised me one weekend when I was completely down and lost. SURPRISE! We had a little chat (my boyfriend is not much for words) and we talked about what was going on. So after he left I had a few days of thinking and back to O-town I go. Enrolled into a LSAT Prep Course (thanks to my father) and ironically got hired as a part time receptionist that week. So here I am 27 and studying for my LSAT.

Now if you read all this, I give you hella props! Thank you for hearing me out, but sometimes while studying I get this “brain-block” I wanna call it. Where I just can’t focus and I think to myself “How the hell did I get here?!”. So I decided to express myself by blogging. I see tons of “IG models” and “Fitness Models” blog about whatever it is they blog about and why can’t I blog about this! I know for a fact I am not the only person in the world who has come to a dead end multiple times. Also, I know I am not the only person studying for something life changing right now. Whether it is a classroom test, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, BARS, etc. Nobody has this perfect life that they portray (SURE, you might be on your A game right now), but that’s right now. How about tomorrow and the day after that?

Thank you again for reading my first blog, I want to make this consistent. I want to make this something daily or weekly with different topics. Either about family, friends, studies, etc. Let me know what you think, I want feedback good or bad! (Preferably good, get your pessimistic ass out of my shit) haha JK. Thanks!


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