Don’t be a fake friend

Alrighttttyyy I am backkkkk and I want to pick a topic that I feel relates to a lot of people: FRIENDSHIP! YASSSSS we all have friends, we may have 1,000 friends or maybe a small group of like 5 friends (ME). Whatever you may have, friends are extremely important (in my opinion). NOWWWW do we know the boundaries with our friends. Do we even have boundaries with them? Are you expecting too much from your friends? Are you not expecting enough? Do you do too much or not enough? Do you feel unappreciated? Do you not appreciate them as much? Seriously, these are questions that are important in a long lasting friendship.

What is even worst than not knowing the answer to this is allowing jealousy or envy into pictures wars GIFyour friendship (BRIDE WARS, best movie). Give a little, get a little. It is okay to be a little selfish, but you have to let your biffle be selfish too! Its like a phone- HELLLOOOO works both ways. Your best friend may just be your best friend to benefit herself and that’s when things get hurtful. Now to make sure you aren’t the “bad” friend, you need to look in the mirror and see what you do/don’t do for your bestie. As an only child, I know that I can be a tad bit selfish, just because I was raised with no siblings- I never had to share my toys. I try to make sure that I don’t make it ALL ABOUT ME, because it is not! It’s about us!

Your friends should support you and have your back. They truly listen to you and makefake friends roy purdy GIF your problems, their problems. VICE VERSA! You are a team, someone messes with them, they mess with you. I feel like it is so simple, but til this day we still have FAKE FRIENDS. Talk shit behind your back, don’t listen and don’t care. They lie to you and go about their day. I’ve seen it 100 times and I’ve experienced it myself. It’s like we are back to high school all over again. It’s ridiculous! I don’t get it. If you are trying to “out shine” your friend or even compete with them, come on, are you even their friend. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” kinda motto. Sadly, this is the main reasons many friendships fail, even after years.

So I am going to talk about this on a personal level, but it is hard to find true friends! I have my little circle of friends that I tell my deepest darkest secrets (you know who you are). But at my age it is harder to fit into a new group of friends, where do you even find new friends? Who knows! (I want a Monica and Rachel relationship, #bringbackFriends).  I love all my friends and I appreciate them dearly. We may not talk everyday, but I try to keep an open door and make sure I do my “best friend” duties. As a friend you have to love their flaws as they love yours.  They may be a crazy chick or they may be a nun, who cares, that’s your friend you defend them. You ain’t perfect!

Doing your biffle duties is similar to doing your girlfriend duties in a relationship. Riding lonely jennifer aniston GIFsolo ain’t going to get you far. Don’t treat your friends like shit and just hang out with them when you have nothing else to do, benefit yourself, that is just LOW. Fuck boy status right there. Or my personal favorite, only call when you have: A. Gossip about another friend, B. Brag about Yourself, C. Talk about ONLY your problems, or D. All the Above; then WTF! UH NO! NOT OKAY! I get we are all busy but its 50/50, you give a little & you get a little. There is no excuse, Sex and the City, group of successful woman and had plenty of time for each other, men and SEX! So please give me your best excuse!

Which brings me to the next point….When is it okay to “lie” in a friendship? Just a simple white lie. I will tell you right now, IT IS NEVER OKAY TO LIE! Even as small as you don’t wanna do some thing with them. Say the truth, it will be greatly appreciated. Would you lie to your significant other or would you want them to lie to you? Let that sit in for a second. _______________ NOOOOOOOO! I would kill my man (JK I WOULDN’T), but I would be so hurt that eventually everything they might be saying is fabricated (Who Knows). So when someone you trust lies to you or even tells you a “version” of the truth, that starts to deteriorate your friendship. Yes, yes, I know people makes mistake, but let’s be realistic.

These are things I have learned the older I get, I have seen it before done to others as well as myself. At the end of the day when work isn’t going your way, your significant other is being a jerk and you feel like the world is collapsing around you, your best friend should have your back. So don’t sit back and expect for your friendship to grow on its own. See where you stand as a friend. See where your biffle stands. See where your group of girls stand. Because your biggest fan should be your best friends. Well I hope my words of FRIENDSHIP help you achieve your best friend duties!  Go be a best friend and more!

sex and the city friendship GIF


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