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So I realized I missed a week already, so sorry I fell off the wagon oh too soon. Well let’s get the ball rolling. What’s today’s topic going to be about? Mmm *thinking* let’s discuss on two important topics in our day to day lives. Two things I’ve noticed with bloggers is consistently and priorities.

In the world we live in today there are a million ways to get distracted. Social media,batgirl cellphone GIF by DC Comics being one of the biggest ones to date (Netflix is another one, but that’s for another discussion). I have noticed lately that there are more bloggers than ever (OMG! look at me, but seriously I’m not being a hypocrite). Blogs about cooking, traveling, make up, fitness, arts and crafts, etc. YouTube has changed the way we think and the way we address many situations. You don’t know how to do something “YouTube it”. That’s amazing, BUT now instead of going out there and learning how to do something we just watch it from our handy dandy devices. Instead of conversing about it with someone, we just watch strangers on YouTube do it. Or even worse watch countless hours of funny cat videos (Guilty!). It has pros and cons, for a fact I know I am not the only one addressing this.

I grew up in a household where technology was highly approved; TVs and computers in every room (no joke). It was great, but Social Media wasn’t as big as it is now. Just the good old MySpace (top 8) and my cool ass Razor flip phone. Continuing to my point, these bloggers are successful, because they are consistent with their work- they prioritize their videos or photos for their followers. Yes, that is just fan-tastic, but (there is always a but) when we are the so called “followers” we lose what we need to do, what we need to prioritize. I’ve seen this more lately when I’m studying. I’m following all these fashion bloggers and Miami girls that just have over 5k followers and 1k likes. They just wining and dining at places I want to go to. I end up realizing I spent countless hours wasting my time and not prioritizing my work and my studies. I become inconsistent in my day and it becomes a distraction.

I also want to address how that can affect a relationship, not just your boyfriend or girlfriend, but your best friends and family. You sit their dwelling on someone else’s IG, ignoring the life around you. It starts to become an issue. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be one of those girls traveling on someone else’s dime, but I’m not. If I want to get there I need to be consistent and prioritize my goals. So that is something I am going to start working on with both this blog, studies, and personal life. It is the influencing world that is influencing us to think it is so simple and easy grasped, but its not!

burst your bubble GIF by Malaea

With this influencing trend and blogging trend, my fear is when is the balloon going to pop. Just like real estate, supply and demand is not what it used to be. It is so much easier than before to create new content, to build a brand and to promote it. What is difficult now more than ever is to be different and get the followers. People interested in you and your style. We are all starting to look like clones with the same designs and style. The influencers that started before us have already concurred that platform and we are just following in their foot steps. We need more than just a brand, we need a product and we need to promote it differently. Create a new platform and stand out!

What is next for the influencing world? What can we do different? What do you think about prioritizing and consistency? Is this something you are great at or is this something you struggle with (like me)? Also what steps are you setting up to get yourself closer to your goals?


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