New Year! New Me?

So it’s a NEW YEAR!! Resolutions and New Me! EHH is it reallllyyyyy? How many days until those resolutions fail and the “new you” goes back into your normal Netflix binging you. This isn’t a cynical post by the way, just more of a realization post. Why does it take a New Year to start over and make resolutions? Nothing has changed but time and time itself. I believe this is the time for more enhancements and adjustments in our life.

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Yeah, sure it’s great making a list of things you want to do and things you want to accomplish. Maybe you want to start a VLOG, so what a better time to start it than in the beginning of the year. Maybe you want to travel or move somewhere, best time to start looking is when you are ready for a fresh start. Other than that, the new year shouldn’t be the only reason we want to accomplish these things. This is all a mental fresh slate we have been accustomed to.

“2019 is going to be my year!” Sure…. I said that last year too. First 30 days go by and then realization that nothing has changed gets us back into waiting for the next year. LOL, so great! Another year for the books.

So how do we turn that around?! How do we make “New Me” an everyday progression? Setting a 12 month goal is kinda a step into straight FAILURE! (No offense) We need to think small and outside of the box. Set up monthly goals. Focus on when your birthday is and go big that month! Set up vacation time from work or school, that’s your travel time. Take 30-45 mins out of your day to do your hobby.  Do a little work out, why not? Find the best coffee shop in town and if you don’t like coffee (wierdo) find the best burger in town! Don’t forget to save a little money, we ain’t trying to go into 2020 with some major debt.

This isn’t about “New Me”, because what was wrong with the old you? Did your old you suck so bad you needed an entire new year to fix it? Yeah, everyone realizes sh*t when the next year comes around.  Maybe you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to and that is totally fine. But let me tell you sweetie, you didn’t fail, you just figured out every way on how NOT TO DO something. It’s you who has to change that and if you want the “New Year” to be a reason, go for it! Go a little Great Gatsby while your at it!

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P.S. I did say this wouldn’t be a cynical post!