New Year! New Me?

So it’s a NEW YEAR!! Resolutions and New Me! EHH is it reallllyyyyy? How many days until those resolutions fail and the “new you” goes back into your normal Netflix binging you. This isn’t a cynical post by the way, just more of a realization post. Why does it take a New Year to start over and make resolutions? Nothing has changed but time and time itself. I believe this is the time for more enhancements and adjustments in our life.

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Yeah, sure it’s great making a list of things you want to do and things you want to accomplish. Maybe you want to start a VLOG, so what a better time to start it than in the beginning of the year. Maybe you want to travel or move somewhere, best time to start looking is when you are ready for a fresh start. Other than that, the new year shouldn’t be the only reason we want to accomplish these things. This is all a mental fresh slate we have been accustomed to.

“2019 is going to be my year!” Sure…. I said that last year too. First 30 days go by and then realization that nothing has changed gets us back into waiting for the next year. LOL, so great! Another year for the books.

So how do we turn that around?! How do we make “New Me” an everyday progression? Setting a 12 month goal is kinda a step into straight FAILURE! (No offense) We need to think small and outside of the box. Set up monthly goals. Focus on when your birthday is and go big that month! Set up vacation time from work or school, that’s your travel time. Take 30-45 mins out of your day to do your hobby.  Do a little work out, why not? Find the best coffee shop in town and if you don’t like coffee (wierdo) find the best burger in town! Don’t forget to save a little money, we ain’t trying to go into 2020 with some major debt.

This isn’t about “New Me”, because what was wrong with the old you? Did your old you suck so bad you needed an entire new year to fix it? Yeah, everyone realizes sh*t when the next year comes around.  Maybe you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to and that is totally fine. But let me tell you sweetie, you didn’t fail, you just figured out every way on how NOT TO DO something. It’s you who has to change that and if you want the “New Year” to be a reason, go for it! Go a little Great Gatsby while your at it!

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P.S. I did say this wouldn’t be a cynical post!

Christmas Time! Let’s Shop!

So it has been one month since I have done anything on here, but I needed to disconnect a little from Social Media. Anyone else ever feel that way? I didn’t have anything to talk about or any topics I wanted to hit. But today I woke up feeling determined and jumped out of bed, made my cup of CUBAN coffee and was like “LEGGO”. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope you guys have had an amazing Thanksgiving and are ready for Christmas.

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CHRISTMAS SPIRIT EVERYONE!!! This time of year is like “THE BEST”, unless you are like me -BROKE and raiding HomeGoods/Marshalls/Ross/TJMaxx for gifts for your family. I think I did pretty well, everyone got something that I think will be a nice addition to the kitchen. Yes, I usually get my family something for their bar or kitchen, because that is the only time they will actually use it! Now, I wanted to make this blog about my top 3 gifting on a budget, so whats a good idea for simple and cheap, but also creative gifts. Here we go:Cheese Platters.png

1. Cheese Platters

First things first, EVERYONE is getting a cheese platter this year! You can do so much with a cheese platter. HomeGoods was a success to find an assortments of cheese platters and cutlery that looked very fancy. They’d never know, could always be from Pottery Barn or Winston. I was able to find an entire set like the top left for $9.99 in HomeGoods, thanks to my bestie being a good hunter. It came with everything! Also purchased another beautiful set that is porcelain with a drawing of cheeses and wine. I mean who doesn’t want a large serving dish (I am about to keep it). If they don’t like cheese they can put anything on it- crackers, veggies, meats, etc. It works.


2. Coffee Pour Over

Second, anything coffee related! Pour overs are so cool and fun gifts. I found one for $10 for my mother (I almost kept it, I’m so debating), they usually run $20+. Last year I purchased a manual frother for her, she loved it! Great for guests and its “fancy” (loving this word for the holidays) All you had to do was microwave it and pump it, WALLA, FROTH. I thought the pour over would compliment that very nicely and just had a bag of Joe and she’s set. This gift was less than $20 and was able to add a bag of biscotti for her.


3. Popcorn Maker or any kind of Maker

Third option, I kept this and don’t judge me- I am the biggest popcorn eater in the WORLD! One of my favorite brands in the market right now is DASH- I am in love with (this isn’t advertised). Their motto is “Unprocess Your Food”, its great and the brand is affordable. They have tons of makers, even found a blender for $10 an mixer for $20. I first purchased a mini waffle maker and it was just fantastic! I found the mini popcorn maker (top left picture) for $12 at HomeGoods, IT HAD TO BE MINE. Made popcorn last night, just wow it was awesome! Any kind of simple home makers are great as gifts. Make a little gift set, get whatever maker (ice cream, waffle, popcorn, etc), then get them the condiments and serving dishes- BOOM! You just made an adorable gift set! If you find it under $20 and then run to your nearest dollar store for the add-on, you can have it all under $30.

  • Popcorn Maker: popcorn kernels, popcorn bags/baskets, popcorn seasoning
  • Ice Cream Maker: waffle cones, sprinkles, chocolate syrup
  • Waffle Maker: pancake/waffle mix, syrup pourer, powder sugar dispenser
  • Mixer: cookie/brownie mix, sprinkles, pan for baking, cupcake tins, baking cups
  • Blender: milkshake cups, cardboard straws, recipe book, flavored powders

This has been my top 3 items! I hope this helps on your last minute shopping with a little creativity and fancy style. As long as you also wrap it with some beautiful wrapping paper and shiny bows, it will look great! Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas. Please show some love/likes/comments ❤


-xoxo G


Deadlines: Are they worth it?

Hello everyone! I hope you all have been well. It has been an interesting few days, I have been just stuck. YES- I have writer’s block ALREADY!? I just have come to terms that blogging isn’t so easy when you do it alone. No motivation, no topics, have about 2-3 drafts and don’t know what to post. After a lovely bath yesterday, I just disconnected and relaxed. That gave me some time to just think and come up with something I want to write about and FINALLYYY post. Today’s topic is going to be about giving yourself a DEADLINE! For anything going on in your life, whether it is business or personal (like my blog). Deadlines are a MUST!!

I realized that I am not so consistent with my work, because I don’t give myself a fail neil patrick harris GIF by bublydeadline. I also give myself a shitty deadline like, “Well if I don’t get it done by today who cares?” Umm I CARE. I need to start caring about my deadlines with studying, blogging and anything else I put my mind into. I can’t just be like f**k it! Then everything else in my life will end up like that. Geez- if I did that with laundry or dirty dishes, we would have a problem! So from now on deadlines and we can’t pass them! DEADLINES ARE ;DEAD – LINES! How am I going to make my deadlines is another questions I asked myself. Well let’s start with a few different aspects of deadlines, pros and cons, maybe some key factors.

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PROS: Deadlines are great!

  • You actually complete things you are set on
  • Procrastination is highly avoided (if you are really set on your deadline)
  • Starts to become more of a habit than just “I’ll get there when I get there”
  • Organization starts to come natural
  • Motivation keeps you positive
  • Prime for your success
  • Move closer to your goals
  • Prioritize what task is most important
  • Challenging, but can bring out creativity

CONS: Deadlines can kill!

  • Bring on unwanted stress
  • Anxiety can get in the way
  • Give up due to pressure
  • Lose concentration
  • Can bring out weakness
  • Procrastination if you aren’t careful
  • Fail miserably

Key Factors: Let’s Do It!

  • Hold yourself accountable
  • Reward yourself once completed
  • Be strategic with your deadlines
  • Reasonable milestones toward your deadline
  • Increase your confidence, YOU CAN DO IT!
  • Set Goals; all kinds- big and small
  • Don’t panic or stress, you got this!

keanu reeves win GIFYou still with me!!? I hope so! These are just some quick tips, but this is what creates entrepreneurs. Set yourself different from the others. You don’t waste your free time on mediocre things, but things you have made priorities for yourself. You HAVE to hold yourself accountable and if you are like me- I NEVER DO! Get some help, tell a friend or family member to just remind you. Set reminders on your phone, tell someone you want to accomplish something by Friday and let them push you a little. Don’t take it personal when someone helps you! It is for your own benefit! (I take MAJOR offense- oops SORRY).

Image result for julie and juliaI decided to write about this topic, because I was on Netflix last night and watching Julie & Julia. A classic for me! I won’t get too into it, but Julie is a young writer with a horrible cubical job and wanted something more. She decides to blog Julia Child’s 524 recipes in 365 days. It also shows Julia during the 1950’s in Paris, France trying to find a classic French cookbook in English. Julia Child doesn’t speak French, she was born in California and had relocated to Paris because of her husband. She decides to learn french cooking and make her own cookbook in English. Both these stories have deadlines, milestones, goals and they concurred it!

To answer my questions: Are deadlines worth it? Yes, I would say they are. Of course, 110% everything must have a due date in any profession. Now let’s get our calendars out and start making minor goals and milestones. This is your first step to being more successful in anything you want to accomplish. If I can do it, so can you! Love to hear some feedback and if you have seen Julie & Julia- tell me what you think about it! I hope you all have an amazing day and stay positive.